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VOLUME: 4; ISSUE: 3; MARCH; 2018

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Author(s): Alexandra Bratanova; Jacqueline Robinson;Liam Wagner; VitalyKolegov;Alexey Nikitchenko; Anna Nikitchenko

Decision making in the energy sector in Russia is complex due to multiple policy objectives, conflicting interests and a lack of available data. We investigated the decision problem of planning for energy efficiency in the industry-a policy proposed by the Moscow City Government. We applied multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA). We adapted PROMETHEE method and expert survey to evaluate policy alternatives. We described adjustment of an evaluation tool to institutional structure, discussed stakeholders participation, policy objectives, options, criteria. The analysis led to a ranking of policy alternatives and recommended partial subsidization of energy service contracts. As limited studies exist of the MCDA application in Russia, none – for regional energy systems, this paper bridges the gap and provides a novel solution for public management. Importantly we demonstrated the usefulness of MCDA for Russia - its wide application is expected to improve public planning at regional and federal levels.

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